Does Eating Late Cause Snoring?

Yes, eating late at night increases the chances of snoring. Here’s why:

The digestion process makes the muscles of the throat and tongue relaxed. So, if we eat late at night, our throat muscles will get relaxed, which is one of the main reasons for snoring. If you must need to eat, then avoid foods that are high in fat as well as dairy products, such as cream. It is because, dairy products prevents the draining of mucus from the throat, which causes obstruction of airflows.

Now that we know why eating late causes snoring, let’s check out some of the foods that help to prevent snoring as well as some that don’t. It’ll help you to design your daily diet accordingly for the prevention of snoring.

Foods That Prevent Snoring

Foods That Prevent Snoring

Soy Milk:

I have already said that dairy products, such as milk promote snoring. So, a good alternative to cow milk will be soy milk. Soy milk is suitable for people who are lactose intolerant. It is also helpful for preventing snoring.

Lactose sensitivity is an underlying cause for snoring. It causes an allergic reaction which results in swelling of the nasal airways which leads to snoring.


I have already written an article about tea for snoring. Tea can be a great home-remedy to stop snoring. Not only snoring, teas can also help you in many other ways.

How tea prevents snoring?

Teas prevent snoring by reducing phlegm as well as congestion. The steam from boiling tea alleviate congestion in your nose when we inhale it. Depending on the herbs, tea can provide many other health benefits such as anti-inflammation. One of the best herbs for preparing tea is peppermint.

Peppermint has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe nasal airways as well as prevents snoring.


Like tea, I have also written a detailed article explaining how honey helps to prevent snoring. Honey is God’s special gift for mankind. It can prevent almost all diseases known to mankind.

Honey is enriched with anti-inflammatory as well as anti-bacterial properties. These properties are the key to reduce snoring. You can use a few tablespoons of honey with tea and drink it before bed every night.

The combination of tea and honey will surely help a lot to prevent snoring.


If you sleep in the wrong posture, or if your throat has abnormal soft tissue growth, then it can cause either narrowing of inflammation of the airways. Both of these cases obstruct the flow of air through the airways which in turn result in snoring.

Turmeric is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which prevents inflammation in the throat. Thus, it helps to prevent snoring.


Red meat doesn’t only cause snoring, too much red meat can cause a lot of health issues too. Switching from red meat to fish will not only prevent snoring, it will also make your diet a whole lot better!

By now, we know inflammation of throat tissues causes snoring. Red meats contain a type of saturated fat which is high in arachidonic acid. This fat is responsible for causing inflammation in the nasal airways, thus causing snoring.

Fish is an excellent protein alternative to red meat.


Onions can be deadly for breathing, but it is a great home remedy for preventing snoring. A recent study found that onion also helps to reduce the chances of flu as well as cold. That’s why incorporating onions in your daily diet can bring a positive change to your snoring.

Foods You Need To Avoid

foods that cause snoring

These are the foods that encourage snoring:

Dairy Products

Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, milk, butter, ice cream etc. are major culprits when it comes to snoring. Dairy products increase the amount of phlegm inside the throat as well as thickens the existing mucus. This causes snoring.

Red Meat

Red meats (i.e. beef, pork) are enriched with a type of saturated fat that causes inflammation of the throat muscles. Also, too much red meat in your diet can cause a lot of other health issues. Try to reduce the amount of red meat in your diet as much as possible.

Processed foods

Processed foods such as flour, cereals, bread etc. can increase the production of phlegm. Try to reduce the intake of processed foods as much as you can while increasing the intake of whole grains such as barley, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, corn etc.


Processed sugars have acidic properties which can lead to mucus production. Try to avoid sugar and foods that are made with sugar as much as you can. Avoid these at all cost- chocolates, sweets, pies, pastries, cakes, energy drinks, soft drinks etc. Not only they cause snoring, they are also responsible for weight gain.


Some other foods responsible for snoring are potatoes, bananas, cabbage etc. They are known for triggering the production of mucus. Also, caffeine from coffee and tea can cause you to snore.


I hope by now you have a clear idea on why eating late causes snoring and what foods to avoid to prevent snoring. I have also shared some foods that will help you to prevent snoring.

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Muntaseer Rahman

I have suffered from snoring for really a long time. It literally made my life hell. However, with correct methods and tips, I was able to get rid of it completely. That’s why I am writing about this to help other people to get rid of snoring.

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