Snoring Immediately After Falling Asleep: What should you do?

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Isn’t it surprising that how people get into bed and start snoring immediately within minutes after falling asleep? Where else some people like me struggle to sleep until dawn. You cannot have a good night’s sleep If your partner beside you snores instantly after sleeping.  In fact, this is a problem for both.  Here we have noted some of the common reasons, health risks associated with it, and some of the common solutions.

Snoring immediately after falling asleep may be dangerous as well, as much as many sleep disorders.

What causes snoring instantly after falling asleep?

If you have obstructive airways or other problems then it is obvious you will snore. But if you snore right after falling asleep then there might be some other reasons. If you have a partner who snores, then you might notice that he or she has a common snoring pattern.

Some snore in deep sleep whereas some in light sleep. Some people snore at midnight and some at dawn. Some people snore through the night and others start snoring right after sleeping.

There is no specific reason why you snore right after falling asleep.  Snoring after a day full of physical pressure is normal. Yet some of the common reasons may include:

If you have excessive tiredness:

It has been recorded that those who do not snore at all, may snore if they suffer from excessive tiredness during the day. A night after excessive tiredness may cause you to snore just after you fall asleep. 

Lack of sleep:

If you haven’t slept for days or started suffering from insomnia recently then you may snore immediately after you get to sleep. 

A medical condition:

A medical condition or a critical anatomic condition may cause you to snore instantly. Because of having a medical issue, your upper airway could be obstructed resulting in instant snoring.

Unrecognized disease:

If you don’t know why you snore, please keep in mind that there are many times that the reason for snoring is unknown or not diagnosed. If you snore instantly after you fall asleep on a regular basis then please visit a medical practitioner.

Solutions to go for:

If you are snoring instantly after sleeping regularly then it may increase the possibility of health risks related to it. These health risks are common if you have a long history of snoring right after sleeping as like:

  • Increases the possibility of stroke.
  • Having heart disease is more usual
  • You may suffer from breathing interruption.
  • You may have acquired Arrhythmias
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease is also a vulnerable disease for you.
  • Sometimes having a headache is normal due to regular snoring
  • You may even lose control of your bladder that may cause the frequent need of urinating
  • You may even have fetal complications during the last three months if you are pregnant

I Snore Immediately After Falling Asleep! What Can I Do?

Well, as stated before there is no specific solution. But the common solutions to stop snoring may work effectively. First of all, find out the proper reason. Then you may go for the following remedies:

  • I have found tremendous results after using this mouthpiece. Though it costs next to nothing, this little MAD device stopped my snoring almost right away after using it. Also, you can get some essential oils with it as a secondary solution. If you ask me, I think this is probably the best and most effective way to stop snoring for good.
  • Remove extra pressure if this is the only reason behind your instant snoring.
  • Remain hydrated.
  • Avoid gaining extra pounds or lose weight if you are obese.
  • Don’t take any form of sedation before bed
  • Don’t drink alcohol before bed
  • Reduce or avoid smoking right before sleep.
  • Switch bed, pillow, or sleeping position.
  • Try anti-snoring devices for the nose and mouth.
  • Sleep elevated
  • Treat the anatomic condition

Snoring occasionally is very common and it may happen to one and all.  But if you snore right after falling asleep and that’s a regular occurrence then you must take proper actions.

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