My Partner Snores And I Can’t Sleep: What To Do?

My partner snores and I can’t sleep

If your partner snores, it can bring a devastating effect on your relationship. Snoring can leave an impact on your partner and family as well. If you or your partner is a snorer then there are some ways you can help him/her out.

In this article, we have tried to cover some remedies that you can follow if you want relief from your partner’s snore. But you must know the cause of your partner’s snore, this will give you or your partner an easy relief.

How to deal with my snoring partner:

A partial problem in throat and nose creates snoring causing impartial problems, especially to your relationship. It may be a serious marital problem. It has been reported that about 45 % of adult age has the habit to snore occasionally. But If your partner snores regularly you better help him or her to find a way. Though it may seem to be a minor problem to some but a record of regular snoring may indicate health risks. It can increase the expectancy of heart attack, stroke, decreased libido, and many other problems.

It has been seen that some prefer to sleep in different rooms at night due to the problem of snoring. But you should remember that it is a medical condition and sleeping in separate rooms will not be a permanent solution, right?

You should rather go for a long-lasting solution. You’ll need to look into this matter deeply. You should identify the main reason behind snoring and the go for an effective remedy. If it is occasional snoring then you need to adjust. In case of serious condition do not let your partner untreated.

Finding out the causes and taking necessary initiatives:

Well, this is the first step you should go for. Before going for effective remedies you should find out the reason why is your partner snoring. Because if your partner is snoring for alcohol consumption then changing sleeping position will not help. The following points may be the problems behind your partners snore.

1. Does your partner have a Disturbed sleep schedule?

Your sleep schedule tells a lot about you. A disturbance in the schedule of your sleep may result in a continued problem. If you do not have a fixed schedule or proper time of sleeping then it might result in snoring. In order to lead a healthy life, you need a routine sleep. A sound and peaceful sleep may help you to prevent snoring.

Solution to this problem:

Make your partner habituated to a good sleep routine. Well, it applies to you also.  Moreover, if you or your partner have other sleep disorders it will be a helping aid.

2. Is your partner suffering from Dehydration?

You can see in movies that there is always a glass of water behind the bed.  In actual life, one and all should apply this. Snoring may be caused due to dehydration also. The sleeping time during the night is long. If you are not a person with a good water habit then your body maybe is dehydrated during night time causing you to snore.

Solution to this problem:

So you should also keep an eye on the hydration fact of your partner. You must keep a glass of water for both and drink it if sleep is disturbed at any stage. On the other hand, you should also ensure that your partner is enough hydrated during the day time too.

3. Sleeping position:

Majority of the sleep disorders, sleeping problems including snoring has been recorded as sleeping position induced problems. There are some sleeping positions that make makes you much more vulnerable to snoring. As like sleeping in your back makes you snore more.

In such a position your upper airway is obstructed causing you to snore. If your partner is a sleeping position induced snorer then he or she might be a sleeper on back.  In such a position there is has a high chance of keeping the mouth open that also causes snoring.

Solution to this problem:

Concentrate on your partners sleeping position. Though it is not possible to change the sleeping position of your partner suddenly you better do a personal consoling in this case. You should let him or her sleep sidewise.

Sleeping in any of the sides is a much better option in this case. It would be much more beneficial if you keep you your head tilted. This will clear the passage of your upper airways. Moreover, you may tell him or her to try stomach eased position. Besides you can also go for some sleep help equipment.

4. Nasal and throat problems or genetically induced problem:

Well, this is an anatomy-related problem and is totally involved in a medical issue. Some people have such problems since birth and others acquire it through the age. There could be muscle related problems as like polypus causing the nostril to be narrow. Or some may genetically have a narrow throat or nasal.

Solution to this problem:

If your partner is suffering from such a problem then its time to consult a doctor.  The doctor will diagnose and take necessary steps.

5. Alcohol, smoking and drugs consumption:

Consumption of alcohol, smoking, and drug consumption have a serious effect on health.  Drugs, smoking especially alcohol before sleep causes extra relaxation to your tissues that leads to snore. It is seen that most of the addicts of smoking or alcohol have this problem.

Solution to this problem:

If your partner has any of such habit then you must take necessary steps.  Moreover, such habits of your partner may lead to fatal diseases in the future. There are lots of ways even meditative ways to leave such addictive habits. You must help your partner to alternate such a bad habit with a good one.

6. Body weight

Your body weight has relation with every other disease or problem that you might have. A heavy weighted person’s tissues are obviously a bit heavier than a lightweight person. And it is clear that it may create an obstruction in airways.

Solution to this problem:

If your partner is obese or doesn’t have a healthy weight you should simply go for weight loss. The internet has innumerable ways to tell you how you can help your partner to lose weight.

7. Too much tiredness:

Snoring may be caused due to excessive tiredness. There could be days when there is an extra pressure of work that could ultimately lead you to snore. But this would be an occasional one.

Solution to this problem:

It is simply that taking too much pressure will make you or your partner tired.  A regular extra pressure of work will cause snore to happen regularly. You must keep an eye that your partner doesn’t take much pressure on a regular basis.

8. Does your partner have any Underlying medical conditions?

This is also a fact just to be understood by doctors. Please gather proper information about your partners past and present medical conditions. Sometimes there could be a major disease lying underneath a minor one. Sometimes snoring may have a strong relationship with other diseases which might be unseen.

Solution to this problem:

You need to keep yourself updated with your partner’s medical condition. Do a regular checkup and visit the doctor. A doctor is always there to give you necessary advice.

What are some other common solutions of snoring for my partner?

if there is any kind of serious medical issue or if your partner needs a surgical procedure then it is best to consult with a specialist. Besides, there are some commonly famous ways to follow to stop you from snore:

  • There are lots of mouthpieces available in the market that actually help. I love this one and got a surprisingly great result from it.
  • You can go for a nasal strip
  • Switch your bedding system to adjustable bedding
  • Change your pillow with a wedge pillow or multi-purpose pillow.
  • Try nasal drops before sleeping.
  • Last but not the least try sleeping elevated and do change your sleeping position if you have an odd sleeping position.

Concluding our final thoughts:

I have seen hundreds of people complaining about “my partner snores and I can’t sleep.’’ I hope this article will be of great help to those who are looking for effective ways for their partners to stop snoring. Snoring is a serious issue to me and I think you should identify the main reason and go for an effective remedy immediately.

Muntaseer Rahman

I have suffered from snoring for really a long time. It literally made my life hell. However, with correct methods and tips, I was able to get rid of it completely. That’s why I am writing about this to help other people to get rid of snoring.

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