Best Sleep Position To Stop Snoring (For Good)

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best sleep position to stop snoring

There are lots of factors responsible for causing snoring but most of the snoring problem is reported to be because of your sleeping position. Your sleeping position has a great impact on your snoring problem.  There are many reasons behind snoring and a major reason is your sleeping position. In this article, we are going to talk about how your sleeping position impacts snoring and the best sleep position to stop snoring.

Snoring can be an embarrassing problem. But in reality, it is no joke. If you are suffering from snoring then your health might be at risk. Snoring is actually a sleep disorder.  Snoring happens when air cannot pass properly through your nostrils and throat while asleep. Regular snoring is a clear sign that your breathing is interrupted and you may suffer from health risks. Snoring creates both individual and relationship problems. Snoring is the worst when a partner beside you is trying to sleep.

Impact of sleeping position in snoring:

Sleep apnea commonly known as snoring has a lot to do with your sleeping position. A report shows that more than half the cases of snoring are “sleeping position induced snoring” which is people habituated to sleeping on their back are found to be more vulnerable to snoring. On the other hand, it is seen that the possibility of snoring reduces if you are a side sleeper.

What is “Sleeping Position Induced Snoring”?

“Sleeping position induced snoring” literally means that the reason behind your snoring problem is your sleeping position. If you are a “sleeping position induced” snorer then you are in the right place. If your sleeping position is the main reason then you need to change positions immediately.

Why does sleeping on the back makes you more vulnerable to snoring?

As stated above, sleeping on your back increases the possibility of you snoring. This is because of the chance of your breathing being interrupted increases in such a position. In such a position, the chance of the air is being restricted is more and that causes the tissues of your nostrils and throat to vibrate.

Most of the people sleeping on their back have a tendency to sleep by keeping their mouth open as it becomes more comfortable. And if your mouth remains open while you are sleeping on your back the passage of air becomes difficult in your upper body. The air is compressed by the gravity of your face, head, and neck. And if you are not lightweight or have a few unnecessary pounds then the possibility is much more. In summation if we talk about the major reasons there would be three main reasons:

  1. While sleeping on the back the tongue also falls back.
  2. The shape of the upper air becomes more oval in shape and creates an obstruction
  3. The upper airway is compressed and obstructed as your jaw is receded in this position.

This is why the airway is obstructed causing vibration and resulting in snoring.  Sometimes sleeping in such a position may result in complete blockage.

Best sleep position to stop snoring:

best sleeping position to stop snoring

First, let me start by saying that, it can be very hard to change your sleeping position. It is not something you can do whenever you want as we don’t have any control over our body when we sleep. Though changing the sleeping position is a good idea to stop snoring, it can be very difficult for most of us as its our subconscious pattern and we usually sleep in the same positions that we used to when we were 7 years old! So you can spend years trying to untrain your mind and sleep differently or consider VS mouthpiece that will bring results.

If you are a “sleeping position-induced snorer” then you must change your sleeping position. As said before that sleeping on your back increases snoring tendency so you should prefer sleeping on any side.  So here are some of the best sleep positions to stop snoring:

The Foetus sleeping position:

In this position, you need to sleep on any of your sides. Your hands are tied up underneath your face and knees are curled up. This position is one of the best position for snorers especially if you are you’re on your left side. This position increases the blood flow of your body. It also prevents your uterus pressurizing your uterus

But keep in mind that curling up too tight may result badly. Restricting up your body too tight can cause breathing problems. This is one of the most popular sleep position and is loved by the majority of women.  More is the best position if you are suffering from snoring while pregnancy.

  • This position is helps
  • If You have back pain
  • Keeps your spine elongated
  • Reduces neck pain
  • Helps to reduce snoring and acid flux.

The sleeping position of a log:

The minor number of people is found to choose this position. Some report says 15% some say 13% and some even say its only 6%. Such a position includes sleeping in each side by keeping both the arms down facing towards one’s leg. This position is considered to be a lot healthier than others and helps to sleep better. Though this position is not so popular it is helpful in the following ways:

  • Keeps your spine unstressed
  • Helps to keep your spine firm and straight
  • Reduces snoring to a great extinct.

Sleeping on your stomach or the prone position:

This is a stomach preferred position. This position is good for snoring and have drawbacks as well. Though sleeping on the stomach is not preferred by most of the people it is good to stop snoring.  The sleeping experts do not suggest to sleep like this. This position may cost you if you are suffering from back and neck problems.

Due to the lack of back support, your back pain may get worse ( if any)But if you don’t have such issues then this is an ideal position to reduce or stop snoring. This position will surely ease your snoring problem. But make sure not to keep your head turned on each side for a long time it may cause severe neck pain. The prone sleeping position deals opposite the gravity issue. In such a case your nose and mouth may be contradictorily blocked by your pillow.

Concluding our final thought:

Sleeping position is a personal issue and it varies from person to person. Bringing a change in sleeping position is not so easy. If you are a side sleeper then you are a lot risk-free. But if you are a stubborn supine sleeper and you suffer from snoring then it’s time to change your sleeping position. 

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