Closed Mouth Snoring Solutions and Causes (MUST READ)

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Closed Mouth Snoring Solutions

‘Closed mouth snoring solutions’, a very common phrase searched on the search engines. There are different types of snoring. Closed mouth snoring is also a common one. There are so many solutions to solve this problem. In this article, I am going to talk about all the solutions related to closed mouth snoring.

As the bed partner is getting disgusted day by day due to loud closed mouth snoring, some people are seriously in a big problem. They need the cures and remedies immediately to save their relationship. Besides, some people are suffering from low-esteem because of their closed mouth snoring. In this article of mine, I have dived deep into what to do when your partner snores and you can’t sleep!

All the solutions in this article are not the appropriate and permanent solutions. There are some long-term and some immediate solutions on closed mouth snoring. Long-term solutions are more likely to become effective with most of the people.


1. Start a low-carb diet

A low carb diet is a diet which restricts carbohydrates on your food. It’s a good solution to avoid closed mouth snoring. Most of the people think it is a proper solution for closed mouth snoring. We all know it is a gradual process. So, it may take some time to properly stop your closed mouth snoring.

I am providing some tips on how you can maintain a low carb diet:

• You have to avoid sugar. Food such as soft drinks, fruit juice, candy etc. should be removed from your dieting chart.

• Starchy vegetables and highly processed food should be avoided. You can’t fully avoid refining grains but decrease those items from the list. Meat, fish, vegetables, eggs, nuts, and seeds should be increased in the list.

2. Become a slide sleeper

The last one was a long-term solution but this one is an immediate solution. A back-sleeper is more likely to face closed mouth snoring than a side sleeper. It seems easy to get this solution but not to do so. After all, a habit is hard to change.

3. Reduce weight

Obesity is a big reason for any kind of snoring. Closed mouth snoring is also included in the list. So I am suggesting to work hard. You can bring some changes to your diet. Avoiding sugar and fat on the list will be helpful. But be careful not to enter too many carbs on the list as I have already mentioned about low carb diet.

4. Physical exercise

Physical exercise is not only essential for health but also a good solution for snoring. It doesn’t matter if you are a fat guy or a slim guy, physical exercise is always helpful for you. By taking regular physical exercise all the organs of your body become flexible. The airflow while sleeping doesn’t get hampered. So the chance of snoring reduces.

5. Taking Antihistamine

Snoring is more likely to occur among the allergy sufferers. Some people have the problem of constricted nasal passages. As a result of the problem, they suffer from the closed mouth and other types of snoring. They can take an antihistamine prior to bed and it may be helpful for them.

I am also advising them to consult a doctor with their problems and take proper medicine suggested by a doctor.

6. Surgery

If your closed mouth snoring becomes a vital problem for you then you can tackle it through a surgery. There are generally two types of surgeries. First one is the surgery on the roof of the mouth. The second one is the surgery on the back of the throat using a variety of surgical instruments.

Actually, I do not support to go through a surgery for stopping your closed mouth snoring. The worst thing can happen that you may not get cured of snoring even after the surgery. Some people have reported that their surgery didn’t work. Besides, it is really expensive and there is always a risk in surgery. So, I am suggesting not to do a surgery.

7. Using a Nasal dilator

Those who are suffering from closed mouth snoring, first they should ensure if they can breathe properly through their nose. They can make a nose-free test for that.

If the result is negative then they can use a nasal dilator. I think it will solve the problem. But if the problem is more complex then I suggest consulting an ENT specialist.

I have written an article where I explain in details if nasal dilators work or not.

8. Anti-snoring devices

There are so many anti snoring devices in the market. Happy to know that those are really useful. But all of them can’t work properly. Mainly it helps to create more positive airflow in your nose. So you can experience a great night sleep. We know restrictions in airflow is a big reason for snoring.

Some of them carry unique designs and functions. Some are designed in a way that holds your jaws in a slightly forward position in order to keep your airways open when you sleep. It is also a good solution.

However, I like this mouthpiece the most. It is very effective in stopping snoring no matter how severe your problem is. Also, with this mouthpiece, you’ll get a drop which is made of natural oil. This drop will moisturize your airways which will help to stop snoring. If you are ready to invest in something to stop snoring.

Causes of closed mouth snoring

If you really want to stop your closed mouth snoring problem, then solutions are not only the things you need to know. You have to know the causes of the problem. Learning the causes of any problem is more helpful to solve the problem.

I am listing the causes of closed mouth snoring here:

• Closed mouth snoring is a type of nasal snoring. Because this snoring happens independently while the mouth remains closed. The main reason for this problem is the soft tissue in the upper area of the oropharynx gets set into vibration. As a result, closed mouth snoring happens.

• Alcohol is another reason for snoring. Mainly drinking before sleeping causes the extra relaxation of your muscles. Muscle relaxation is a cause of closed mouth snoring. In case of muscle relaxation, your mouth, throat and nose get narrowed. So snoring happens. So I am advising not to drink alcohol or other drinks before sleeping.

• Overweight is another cause of snoring. We know the fat people are more likely to have fatter tissues. Because of them, the airflow gets hampered. So as a result snoring happens. Try to lose some weight. Obesity is the root of hundreds of problems other than snoring.

• If you are not getting proper sleep then there is a chance to suffer from close mouth snoring. Lack of proper sleep can cause face throat relaxation. So it is essential to sleep for at least six to eight hours a day in proper time.

• Nasal problem and allergens are two reasons of closed mouth snoring. Mainly they are the reasons for any kinds of snoring. Chronic nasal congestion is extremely responsible for snoring. So I think you should take proper treatment and medicine to recover from these problems.

Bottom line

I have already mentioned most of the effective solutions for closed mouth snoring. But a matter to keep in mind that every solution does not suit everyone. So you can’t be sure that only one solution will work to stop your snoring. But I think the long-term solutions will work better for everybody.

Along with the solutions, I have also described the causes. So you can detect the main reasons of your closed mouth snoring problem. You have to choose the proper solution according to your problem.

I hope you will be benefitted reading this post and wish you a sound and silent sleep.



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