Do Anti-Snoring pillows really work and help you sleep better?

Will a humidifier help me stop snoring?

Snoring is known to bring down the sleep of both you and your partner. Snoring is caused due to vibrations in the airway. A few reasons for these vibrations are inflammation and gravity that affects soft tissues. While sleeping the airways are relaxed and narrow and the tongue tends to fall back, thus, making your throat walls vibrate and causing sounds of snoring.

How does a pillow help you sleep better?

The position you sleep in can determine the amount and noise level of snoring. A correct pillow can help the positioning of the head and bring down or eliminate snoring completely. A pillow that can significantly lift the upper body could reduce airway compression caused by the head falling back – the head tends to fall back when the pillow is unsupportive or gets pushed too forward by an excessively thick or firm pillow.

Do women snore as much as men?

Though women would like to believe that they’re the ones having the sleepless nights due to their male partners’ snoring; but as per the National Sleep Foundation, while men are likely to snore twice as much as women; the stats change after menopause when women and men snore in equal numbers. In fact snoring affects 90 million adults out of which 37 million are affected on a regular basis.

Now we must be wondering what causes snoring in females?

Men have a narrower air passage than women which explains why they tend to snore more. However, sometimes a woman may have a narrow passage too, which can be the cause of snoring in females.

Other factors that cause snoring in females could include:

Menopause – Menopause can be a big cause of snoring in females. After menopause, women tend to snore as much as men.

Age – Age can be a big cause of snoring in females. Women over 30 are found to have an increase in their snoring patterns.

Overweight women – Being overweight is a cause of snoring in females and males. As you gain weight, the fat around the neck area also increases – this tends to narrow or partially block the air passage, which restricts the airflow causing snoring in females.

Pregnant Women – As you gain weight during pregnancy, the blood vessels in the nasal cavity expand leading to problems. Pregnancy is one of the leading causes of snoring in females as it also causes hormonal changes.

Obstructive sleep apnea – This is a medical condition and may be another cause of snoring in females. Even though this is not common in women; it still can be the cause for snoring.

There is no sure shot cure for snoring, though a few sleeping adjustments could bring it down. A pillow like the Smart Nora or this wedge pillow is an affordable and convenient purchase, one of the first attempts made by snorers to find a good night’s sleep. Snoring is quite common, but it could also be a symptom of a health condition. If the snoring gets out of control, it is best to take a medical consult and discuss your symptoms with a professional.

You may be a male snorer or a female snorer, but don’t worry, through our personal experience with pillows, we will recommend the best two pillows to help you get rid of or reduce snoring. If the pillow puts your head and body in a better position you may get rid of the problem, altogether.

Check out my review for two types of pillows that have helped many people, including me :

The best pillow for snoring is Smart Nora

This is nothing like your regular anti-snoring pillow. It detects your snoring pattern and gently creates a motion in the pillow to interrupt the snoring.

During the night Nora looks out for early snoring sounds. Once deep breathing or very faint snores are detected, then Nora moves the pillow. It inflates the pad under the pillow creating a gentle movement. The movement prevents the snore from getting loud and waking up your partner.

This is recommended only for snorers whose snoring sounds can disturb their partners. It is not recommended for curing sleep apnea or any other sleeping condition.

As someone whose snoring was compared to a wild animal’s roar, you should take my word that I have tried multiple sleep solutions available in the market. The Smart Nora was the one that worked the best for my partner (because it was him who was having the sleepless nights).

A positional therapy was recommended and I was told that sleeping on my back was the worst position to be in. The breathing system gets compressed when one sleeps on their back leading to increased snores and gasping sounds. The Smart Nora doesn’t actively move you onto your side, but when it catches you snoring it gives a slight nudge to the head, making you shift from your back to your side.

How does Smart Nora do this?

Using a wireless device equipped with a mic that is placed on your bedside to detect your snores. As discussed above, once the snoring is heard by the device, it tends to communicate with an under-bed base station which pumps air through a tube to the pad that is placed inside your pillow.

This gentle pillow motion nudges you and leads to you switching sides. You can control the pillow elevation level in order to prevent any jolt. You can also control the sensitivity setting in the mic device if you feel your pillow gets inflated more often than it should.


This is a contact-free solution that lets you use your pillow and frees you of any anti-snoring equipment like mouth guards, straps and nose strips. It doesn’t make you change your sleeping position or deprive you of your g-to pillow. It can be inserted into a pillow of your choice, giving you comfort while you sleep. A comfortable solution that helps you and your partner sleep together peacefully.

InteVision Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

This pillow is recommended for mild to medium snorers. If you are in the habit of sleeping on your back and unable to give it up, you may use this wedge pillow to raise your head. Raising your head is just half the solution. The memory foam in this pillow provides better support to your head, neck and shoulders which are discomforted if the head is raised at too much of an angle.

How does the InteVision Foam Bed Wedge pillow work?

This comes with an adjustable memory foam headrest pillow and the latest version is made of 2-inch memory foam layer on top of a firm base foam. It also adds a height-adjustable memory foam headrest which provides better support for your neck and head resulting in one of the most comfortable pillows that helps you with snoring. It is specifically designed to assist patients with impaired breathing conditions like acid reflux, snoring or allergies.

Some people with mild sleep apnea could also benefit from this wedge pillow. A wedge pillow can reduce snoring caused from sleep apnea, a condition which causes temporary stops in breathing multiple times during your sleep.

The best part of the product is that it allows a 30-day trial, if you are not satisfied or don’t see results, you can return this product.

Many users who used this, now share a room with their partners again.

Check out these Amazon Reviews for this Wedge Pillow

As Angela says in her Amazon review

” This is a lifesaver pillow. My partner snores so badly that we had been sleeping in separate rooms. I was tired of sleeping with ear plus and headphones so I started searching. I noticed that when he fell asleep with a bunch of pillows he snores less – so this was a great idea! Although he is convinced I bought for other reasons! He doesn’t snore and I can sleep!” Check out all their reviews here

And like this couple states in their Amazon review the constant poking and sleepless nights have stopped:

“I snore badly. So bad that it was affecting my relationship with my fiance’. I ordered this pillow to try based on the idea behind beds that raise up like this. It works! I’ve been using it for over a year and the snoring has become so rare and light that she doesn’t even notice it. I never wake her up anymore. It’s so important to her sleep (and my staying asleep instead of being poked all night) that when we go on vacations, we order a new one and pack it in our luggage. They come shrink wrapped, so it’s much easier to transport when it’s new.”

You literally have nothing to loose and should end up “gaining sleep”.


Also check out my article on the essential oils that I highly recommend using along with either of these pillows that help with snoring and sleep apnea.

But this is the safest and most cost effective Snoring Solution i have found that worked for me! 

So guys, what are you waiting for? Give some respite to your partners and grab these anti-snoring solutions as soon as you can.

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