Can Snoring Cause Bleeding?

Will a humidifier help me stop snoring?

Can Snoring Cause Bleeding

Wondering about can snoring cause bleeding? I am going to answer that right away in this article. So, let’s get started!

There is no direct correlation between snoring and bleeding. No medical histories yet now has proved that snoring causes bleeding. However, there are many other health risks that are associated with snoring.

Let’s look at some of those health risks:

Health Risks Associated With Snoring

If you are a regular snorer, then it may cause severe health problems for you, including obstructive sleep apnea. These are some of the most common health risks associated with snoring:

  • Often Waking Up: Snoring causes your sleep to often break away. You might not realize it, but this hampers the quality of your sleep, which in turns can affect your whole day.
  • Disruptions in breathing: snoring can cause frequent disruptions in breathing. Sometimes this disruptions can last alarmingly longer (such as 10 seconds). This mainly occurs due to partial or total blockage or airway.
  • Pressure on Heart: There is a direct correlation between snoring and cardiovascular health risks (which is alarming!). A study has found that obstructive sleep apnea is responsible for higher blood pressure in the heart which can also result in the expansion of the heart. This also increases the chances of stroke as well as heart attack. The Journal of American College of Cardiology published a study in February 2000 which stated that women who snore on a regular basis have twice the risk of heart attack compared to women who don’t snore.
  • Low-Quality Sleep: Snoring reduces the quality of your sleep. If you are a regular snorer, then your sleep will gradually become lighter. It is because the body makes the throat muscle tough in order to maintain sufficient airflow.
  • Less Productive Day: As I have said earlier, snoring reduces the quality of the sleep. Consequently, you won’t be able to pass a productive day. You may drowse all day long and feel tired throughout the day.
  • Lower Oxygen Level: Recently it has been found that snoring results in lower oxygen level which results in restrained blood veins. It affects the lungs directly and can result in pulmonary hypertension.
  • Obesity: There is a direct relation between obesity and snoring. It has been said that most snorers suffer from obesity. In fact, one of the most common reasons for snoring is obesity.
  • Headaches: Snoring can cause severe headaches.
  • Being Fatigue: Fatigue is also a result of snoring.

The Most Effective Solution To Snoring

Now that you know the health risks associated with snoring, it is time to know about the solution to get rid of it. There are many solutions for snoring.

Some are natural and work long-term. On the other hand, there are many anti-snoring devices that promise to stop your snoring right away. But not all of them works.

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to try out this mouthpiece. Though I was skeptical at first, many of my friends suggested it. So I thought what the hell! It costs only a few bucks! There is no loss in trying.

To my amazement, this mouthpiece worked right away! It can be custom fitted according to your jaw, so it won’t cause you any discomfort. All you need to do is wear the mouthpiece before you go to sleep. Snoring will STOP RIGHT AWAY!

Though this is not something natural, it works fast and effective. It also doesn’t ask me to bring any change to my diet or exercise 2 hours a day. For me, it’s a perfect solution to snoring. And I think you should try this mouthpiece too!


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