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Are you going through bad times in your relationship just because you snore which keeps your partner awake all night? Trust me, you are not the only one. In United Stated 25 percent of people snore. There is a difference between occasional snoring and habitual snoring. If you snore occasionally, you shouldn’t stress much about that. But if it has become your regular thing, well that’s a stressing issue.

Habitual snoring should not be ignored since that has a lot to do with your overall health. High nighttime snorts can cause sleep apnea and in some cases, it does throw a negative impact in the heart. However, today I have come up with an in-depth solution to snoring. In this very article, I have demonstrated some stop snoring naturally throat exercises and as well as some related information too.

So with wasting no more time, let’s hit the business.

Throat Exercises for Stop Snoring Naturally

I am going to show you six throat exercises which have proven to be a great solution to stop snoring naturally.  According to some research, pronouncing vowels for a certain period of time every day, curling tongue in different ways can be very helpful to eliminate snoring. However, let’s take a look at those.

  1. Pronounce all the vowel (a, e, I, o, u,) loudly for at least 3-minute multiple time in a day.
  2. Put your tongue tip behind the front teeth, at the same time slide back your tongue for three minutes every day.
  3. Keep your mouth open and move the jaw from right to left and keep doing it for 30 seconds. After a while start moving your jaw from left to right.
  4. Here is the fun one. Spend more time singing because that increases the muscle control in both throat and soft palate.
  5. Purse your lips for 30 seconds at least while keeping your mouth closed.
  6. With your tongue tip contract the back muscle of your throat, repeat it for 30 seconds.

These are the throat exercises people have found to be very useful. However below I have covered some other ways to eliminate snoring too but before that let me tell you what causes snoring, have a look.

What Are the Reasons for Snoring?

It’s always important to find the problem before the solution. If you don’t know what the problem is, you can’t find a perfect solution. So it is important to know what is causing your snore, then you can find the right remedy. Moving on.

When the air can’t move smoothly through your nose and throat while you are sleeping causes you to snore. Air makes the surrounding tissues vibrate when they can’t move freely, and vibrating tissues makes the snoring sound. If you snore often, then you might have an excessive amount of floppy and throat tissues which are much prone to vibration.

The wrong position of your tongue also can come between free breathing. However, below I have described some common reasons for snoring, find one associated with you.

Few Common Causes of Snoring


When we reach middle age our throat becomes narrower and the muscle tone decreases. And that is what causes us to snore. However, we can’t reverse the aging but change in lifestyle, throat exercises and new routines can help you to stop snoring.


Overweight people do have fatty tissues and poor muscle tone; these can contribute to heavy snoring. Even if you are not overweight, extra weight on the neck and throat causes snoring.


Women have wider sir passages than men which is why very fewer women occasionally snore. Men’s narrow throat, enlarged adenoids, cleft palate, etc. causes them to snore. However, you don’t have any control over gender, so what we can do is change our lifestyle and schedule a new exercise routine to prevent snoring.

Nasal and Sinus issues

A blocked nose can cause snoring but that is temporary. When we have blocked nose, that means the airway is blocked which make inhalation tough for us and creates a vacuum on the throat.


Taking alcohol, cigarette, and any other kind of muscle relaxation medicine can cause snoring. Medications like a tranquilizer, lorazepam, diazepam, etc. contribute to snoring.

Sleeping posture

Sleeping posture and pattern both have a connection with snoring. If you sleep flat on your back, the flesh of your throat relaxes and blocks the way through where the air passes and as the air doesn’t get a free passage that causes snoring.

Major snoring issue

I have mentioned earlier, if you snore a little occasionally there is nothing you should worry about. How are you going to find out exactly how you snore? From your partner or someone, you share your bed with. Heavy snoring also can cause sleep apnea which a major sleeping disorder. In sleep apnea, your breathing will be interrupted a couple of times.

Which is why you won’t be able to get good sleep at night that will cause you to feel sleepy in the day time. So if you feel sleepy in working time often, you are probably in sleep apnea. Go to a doctor immediately if your partner or anyone who stays with you notice the following behavior in you,

  • You will snore very loud while sleeping and will be tired in the morning.
  • Many time in the night during sleep your breathing will get stuck and you will choke.
  • You will sleep in wrong times such as while watching TV, having a meal or between conversation.

For noticing these behaviors, you will need someone who will be staying with you all the time. It could be your mother, wife, friend, or anyone. They would need to observe you all the time and note what changes they are seeing. Above those is the red single which should not be ignored, if your partner sees any of them in you, you should consult a doctor immediately.

Why Do You Snore?

I have shown some causes of snoring above. But your snoring types can also tell why exactly you are snoring and noticing your snoring pattern is all it takes. Below I am showing some types of snoring that might help you identify your kind of snoring.

Closed mouth snoring: If you snore closing your mouth then you might have a problem with your tongue. It could be the position of your tongue that is interrupting in your free airways.

Open mouth snoring: If your partner finds you snoring keeping your mouth open then you probably have issues with your throat. Repeating the throat exercises might help you deal with this kind of snoring.

Sleeping on the back snoring: This one is temporary if you snore when you sleep on your back that is because of the throat muscles that relax and comes in between air passages.

Habitual snoring: If you snore heavy every time your breath in sleep, then you should consult a doctor for that.

Other Remedies to Stop Snoring Naturally

There are actually many ways to stop snoring. Some are natural. These don’t cost anything. These require you to bring change in your lifestyle and diet. Also, some of these solutions need you to do exercises. The drawbacks to these solutions are they take a lot of time to produce a result.

There are also many anti-snoring devices in the market such as mouthpiece, nasal dilator, nasal strip, anti-snoring pillow etc. These can produce result quickly, but they cost money.

The solution I love most and got the most help from is using this mouthpiece. I know it costs money, but it is nothing compared to expensive surgery. I love this mouthpiece because it can produce result in an instant. The moment you start using it, you’ll get rid of snoring completely.

This mouthpiece can be custom fitted according to your jaw. All you need to do is, wear the mouthpiece before you go to bed every night.

Check out the details here. 

Bedtime Changes You Should Make to Stop Snoring

Sleeping position: Change in sleeping position can help you a lot in stop snoring. Try to lift your head up four inches, that would keep your tongue and jaw forward which will give the air a freeway. You will find some pillows in the market that are specially designed to help with eliminating snoring.

Sleep on your side: Most of us sleep on their back and instead of that, try to sleep on the side. I have already told you why we snore when we sleep on our back. I know it is hard to change the habit of years and while you are asleep there are very few chances that you will be able to avoid sleeping on the back. However, I have a solution for that.

Try to attach a put a tennis ball on the back of your pajama top or in your T-Shirt. Even better would be, if you sew a sock to the back of your pajama top and put the tennis ball inside the sock. So whenever you will roll on your back the ball will give you discomfort and you would avoid being on your back automatically.

Anti-Snoring Mount Appliance:  These devices are like athlete’s mouth guard which will bring the lower jaw and your tongue forward that will create an open space for air. Anti-snoring mouth appliance could be a little expensive.

Clean nasal way: If you have blocked nose, rinse sinus with lukewarm salty water. Neti pot, nasal decongestant are also great things to help you breathe with ease.

Air moist bedroom: if possible keep your bedroom air moist because dry air can irritate the nose and throat membranes.

Lifestyle Changes You Should Make to Stop Snoring

Lifestyle changes such as exercising, healthy eating, avoid alcohol, etc. have a lot of benefits. These are not only for reducing snoring but will also help you highly to lead a happy healthy life.

Weight loss: If you are an overweight person then losing weight is mandatory to lead a happy life. Losing weight will remove fatty tissue from the back of your throat which will reduce and in some cases stops snoring. Besides that, losing weight will keep you in shape and keep you fit.

Stop smoking: Smokers have a high chance of snoring because smokes irritate the nose and throat membranes which can block the airway and cause you snoring. Apart from that, smoking will save you from a lot of dangerous diseases.

Stop taking alcohol and sleeping pills: Alcohol and sleeping pills relaxes the entire body muscles which is why the throat muscles interrupt in breathing. Sleeping pills will contribute to deeper sleep which increases the risk of breath clogging.

Choose wisely what to eat before bed: Having large meals or a lot of dairy or similar items before bad is very unhealthy and makes snoring even bad.

Exercise: Exercising regularly can help you reduce snoring slowly even if you don’t lose weight. During exercise, we tone our different body muscles and along with those muscles, the throat muscles also get toned which reduces the snoring. If you want to just tone your throat muscle, there are ways too. Apart from reducing snoring, regular exercise has a lot of health benefits.

Medical Treatments to Reduce Snoring

Have you tried all the natural remedy to stop snoring but nothing seems to help much? Don’t lose hope, there are some medical options available too that can help you reduce snoring, all credit goes to the latest technologies. Over time many devices availed which are helping a lot of people with snoring, and I believe they will help you too.

CPAP: CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Pressure Airway. It is basically a machine that will keep the airway open while you sleep. There is a mask that you are supposed to wear and the machine will keep blowing pressure into the mask and that is what will keep the airways open while you sleep.

LAUP: Laser-Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty. This thing here shortens the soft hanging back throat tissue and makes small cuts at both sides of the soft palate. When the cut heals the surrounded tissues gets stiffed and doesn’t vibrate. And when the tissue is vibration-resistant that won’t contribute to snoring.

Palatal Implants: This includes injecting small implants made of plastic to the soft palate, that prevents soft palate collapse which reduces snoring.


Time up! Hope given all the stop snoring naturally throat exercises helps you to reduce snoring. I have tried to cover most of the aspects that you might need to know about snoring, hope that was helpful.

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