Why Do I Snore When I Never Used To? (11 Probable Causes)

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Why Do I Snore When I Never Used To

Occasional snoring is very common for the majority of the people. But if you haven’t snored n your lifetime, but recently you have started then this is something to think about. Moreover, there are some specific reasons and risk factors that make you vulnerable to snoring.

If your snoring is just sudden and temporary then you need not to worry. But sudden and continuous snoring is not a good sign. It may even be an indication of a serious health problem.

If you started snoring recently and have never snored before then the following reasons could be a cause. We have tried to pack up some of the common causes that might let you to sudden snoring:

Probable Causes:

1. Being into habits or lifestyle you weren’t into:

Before going deep into reasons, you should know that being into the suddenly changed habit or a lifestyle may affect your sleep. You will see a lot of blogs telling that your sleeping habit is affected greatly by your habits and lifestyle.

Therefore a sudden change in your lifestyle or habit may cause you to snore. Such changes include a change of sleeping position, being obese, deprivation of sleep and sometimes even being a man!

2. Maybe you have gained weight:

Gaining a few extra pounds may be a mentionable cause to snore. If you were skinny earlier and recently you have gained some weight then you might snore. Gaining weight causes your tissues to get heavier.

Heavier tissues of throat and nose obstruct the upper airways. Such obstruction creates difficulty in breathing and thus you snore. Moreover, if you are wondering you are not that fat so why are you snoring then the reason could just be a bit of fat around your neck.

If your neck area tends to have more fat than usual then it may cause breathing problems causing you to snore. Also, there is a greater and worse chance of snoring complication if you are obese.


If gaining weight is the only reason for your snoring then the best solution is to lose weight. There is no need to believe in serving beautiful quotes to ease your mind. Obesity or extra weight is bad for your health in many ways.

Therefore shedding off extra pounds by starting exercise, diet or even both is the only solution to go for. On the other hand, if the fat is just around your neck try neck specialized exercises.  You can visit a doctor for such prescription of exercise or just go through YouTube videos that show how to do it.

3. You are not getting enough sleep:

Sleep deprivation often causes snoring. If you are an insomniac or have problems regarding lack of sleep then you can possibly snore. Sleeping problems that don’t let you sleep can cause you other sleep disorders as well.

Sleep deprivation may cause diseases like obstructive sleep apnea restless disorder etc.


If sleep deprivation or lack of sleep is the reason behind your snoring then a perfect amount of quality sleep will work great. Try to maintain a regular routine sleep.

On the other hand, there are people that suffer greatly from insomnia. If you are trying hard yet cannot get sleep then you should consult a physician.

4. Maybe you are dehydrated at night.

Dehydration is also a primary indication of many diseases. Dehydration indicates a condition of reduction of mentionable measurement of water in your body. Dehydration leads to the worse snoring condition.

This is so because dehydration lets the mucus of your throat and nose to get thicken. This lets you definite snoring for most of the people. Drinking enough fluid helps to keep you hydrated. Therefore you should be used to drink enough fluid during the day.

Not only during the day you should also drink a good amount of water before bedtime. Some people get awake two or three times a night, if you are one of those then you can have a glass of water at that time also. This will keep you much more hydrated and will also solve any kind of problems regarding constipation.


If your snoring is because of dehydration the drink plenty of fluid especially water. But there are cases that have still been reported that in fact of drinking a lot of water dehydration happens. If you are facing such problems then you should definitely visit your doctor.

5. A sudden change in sleeping position:

Your lifestyle and health are affected by your Sleeping position a lot. Majority of the snoring cases are recorded to be as sleeping position induced snoring. If you don’t understand medical terms let me make it easy for you.

Sleeping position induced snoring literally means that your snoring is due to your sleeping position. Well, there are some positions that actually lead you to snore even if you are not a snorer.

Therefore if you have recently changed your sleeping position then you can suddenly start snoring. The positions which make you the most vulnerable to snoring is sleeping on your back. If you weren’t used to sleeping on your back and recently you have started to sleep on your back then you might snore.

This is so because in such a position your tongue falls backward and such a collapsed position causes snoring. Sometimes doctors suggest sleeping on your back if you are suffering from any kind of backbone related problems. But it’s best to sleep sidewise as it eases snoring.


This is the reason behind most of the cases of snoring. If you are a sleeping position induced snorer then you should simply change your sleeping posing.

You should definitely try sleeping elevated that causes great ease. Another important change you have to bring is to sleep in any of your sides, especially on your left side. You can even try sleeping on your stomach if you don’t have any kind of back problems.

6. Consuming alcohol before bed

Consumption of alcohol before bed lets you snore. If you have recently started to drink alcohol you could possibly start snoring rapidly. This is so because consumption of alcohol provides some sort of extra relaxation to your tissues especially tissues of nose and throat.

Moreover, addictive alcohol consumption is harmful to health. You should not consume alcohol before bedtime especially within 3 three hours before sleeping. You may notice that most of the people who are addicted to alcohol snore much.


The solution is to simply avoid alcohol. But if you are a great addict of alcohol try not to consume alcohol before bedtime especially within the 3 hours before going to bed.

7. Congestion or blockage due to the flue in the throat or nose / catching cold

Snoring can also be caused due to catching a cold.  People sometimes take snoring to a serious point and don’t even realize that their snoring could just be because of cold congestion. But sometimes suffering from flu or cold may make your snoring condition much worse.

As you know that people snore through wide open mouth due to an obstructive nose or throat airway. Catching cold or flu causes your tissues of nose and throat to swell up and create congestion as well. This blocks your upper airway and makes your mouth to remain open that ultimately leads you to snore.


If this is the only reason you can try remedies to treat flu or cold. There are lots of nasal sprays and medicines to treat such a problem. But do not take seductive without the consultation of your doctor.

8. Allergies in throat:

Suddenly developed chronic allergies can cause snoring. Allergies in the throat cause the muscle and tissues to swell and blocks the airway. That’s how your mouth remains open and you snore.  This is how snoring is caused due to allergy.


Treatment of chronic allergies and consultation with your doctor will help you get relief.

9. Medications or drugs that cause extra relaxation:

Except for alcohol, if you have started taking drugs or medicines that cause extra relaxation to your tissues then it may cause snoring. Sometimes regular addiction to sleeping pills can cause a side effect of snoring. Moreover, there remains a high chance of getting into risk associated with snoring.


You shouldn’t be addictive to any kind of seductive or sleeping pill without a doctor’s consultation. But if you are so you should try avoiding those and take doctor’s advice in need.

10. Excessive tiredness:

It is more often to snore if you are exhausted. If you recently remain tired a lot during the day then you can possibly snore. But such snoring can be stooped by just a good amount of relaxation.

Moreover, sleep deprivation or lack of sleep may also cause tiredness and extra pressure ultimately letting you snore.


If excessive tiredness is the only reason you are snoring then do not take extra pressure. You should take rest and try to take a peaceful and quality sleep. And yes make yourself free from stress and depression. This will automatically soothe your mind.

11. The sudden discovery of an underlying disease:

Most of the time snoring is accompanied by an underlying disease that remains untreated. if there are unusual symptoms found along with normal snoring symptoms then that might be a case to worry.

Your snoring could possibly be accompanied by any kind of cardiovascular disease or even a serious health issue. But the most common underlying disease that snoring comes with is OSA or obstructive sleep apnea that needs special diagnosis and treatment. Otherwise, such untreated condition will create further health issues.


If you are snoring because of a hidden disease then it is high time to visit a doctor. Proper diagnosis and treatment will help you get out of the problem. Sometimes we keep on avoiding small symptoms. But such untreated condition may lead to serious complication in future.

When You Need To Start Worrying :

As told earlier, occasional snoring needs nothing to worry about. This is more than common. But it is obviously a matter of concern if the snoring is continuous. Sometimes we avoid snoring just by saying it as a habit.

But it may be an indication of a serious disease. You may hear the name of OSA. OSA stands for obstructive sleep apnea. Most of the time snoring is accompanied by obstructive sleep apnea.

This is a serious underlying disease and if it remains untreated it may result in greater complications. If your snoring is accompanied by a period of silence while your breathing is nearly stooped then you might a patient of obstructive sleep apnea.

If OSA remains untreated then it may result in serious complications in the future. Moreover, if you see your snoring is accompanied by other symptoms rather than common symptoms then you should visit a doctor.

How To Recognize?

If your snoring is followed by the following symptoms then it could be an indication that you might have obstructive sleep apnea. You shouldn’t be avoiding such symptoms. Diagnosis and treatment should be done as early as possible.

  • Your snoring is followed by fatigue
  • You may feel the need to go to the washroom a lot more at night.
  • Suffering from short-term memory loss problem
  • You have lost interest in sex
  • You are suffering from depression and stress.

The Above Solutions Are Not Working: What Can I Do Now?

Suggestions of a medically educated person who is an expert in this field are way more important and valuable.  You can also try the anti-snoring devices. Such devices are specially designed to stop snoring. Some may help you to stop snore right away and some will work gradually. Among the various anti snoring devices the mentionable and effective ones are:

  • Using this mouthpiece that I rate 10/10: I personally used this one and got an amazing result. My snoring stopped right away. This mouthpiece is also easy to use and can be custom fitted according to your jaw. So, if you are ready to spend a few bucks, I’ll definitely recommend getting your hands on this mouthpiece.
  • Nasal drop: Nasal drops remove congestion of nose and throat.
  • Wedge pillow or adjustable pillow: Such pillow helps you to sleep elevated. This is especially for sleeping position induced snoring. The adjustable ones can also be placed underneath legs.
  • Adjustable bed: this is an especially designed bed usually a costly one that rectifies your sleeping position. This is also for sleeping position induced snorers.


So, it is clear that a sudden physical change, especially to your mouth, throat or nose, can cause you to snore suddenly. Above are the reasons that are possibly faced by the majority of the people for the start of sudden snoring.

Therefore when most of the people ask ‘’why do I snore when I never used to?’’ any of the above could possibly be the reason. Sometimes it is just a sign of tiredness. And this condition is much easier to treat with a night of quality sleep, rest and relaxation.

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