Do Snore Sprays Work? (Honest Explanation)

Will a humidifier help me stop snoring?

Do Snore Sprays Work

Snoring sprays is probably one of the most common anti snoring devices. Though technology has gone too far and snore sprays are seen with every other snorer, yet we get questions like do snore sprays work?

Well, the answer is not so straight forward. In a word, yes snore sprays work against snoring. But are they the best for stopping snoring? I don’t think so. I have tried to explain the answer in details in this article.

There are innumerous nasal sprays or snore sprays found these days. But if you get to divide these sprays according to types then it would be:

Snore sprays for the nose:

These are the sprays that are specially designed to use through the nose. This is also known as a nasal spray. These sprays are mostly made out of saline.

Snore sprays for the throat:

These sprays treat snore that is caused due to throat problems. These sprays are mostly made out of oil or peppermint. It may also have homeopathic ingredient in it.

These sprays may contain oils, peppermint, homeopathic ingredient or saline. Sprays that contain oil help to ease throat. It helps to provide lubrication to your throat avoiding any kind of dryness. On the other hand, sprays that contain saline are helpful to clear blocked nasal passages.

Before going to any kind of decision that a snore spray will work or not, you need to find out the exact reason for your snoring.  There are a lot of common reasons behind snoring. Before going for any kind of curative action you should properly investigate.

You need to notice that whether excessive weight, allergy, smoking, taking drugs, sleeping position or a medical condition is the reason.  That is if you have a common snoring problem due to nose or throat then snore spray is not a bad choice. (Though remedies and causes differ from person to person. There is an exception in each and every case.) But going for a snore spray is a great instant relief if:

  • You have blockage or nose congestion problems.
  • Allergy-related problems or inflamed tissues.

Dosage, usage and when to use it:

First of all, we do not recommend to use any kind of medicine without doctor’s prescription. Doctors prescribe to use sprays according to ones need.  But the most common usage of nasal or snore sprays is before bed. A majority of the case of snoring is found out to be at night. However, doctors may suggest you use such a spray two or more times a day.

How to use it?

Well, there is no special way of using such sprays. The usage of snore sprays is as common as using other common sprays. Most of the sprays come In spray bottle having the most common features. Moreover, there are instructions in each and every product for ease of use.

Are Snore Sprays THE BEST for Stopping Snoring?

Though snore sprays work against snoring, I definitely don’t think they are the best solution to this problem. It is because the success rate of stopping snoring is really low. Also, it takes a long time to see any significant result. So, I think there are obviously better solutions out there in the market to stop snoring than snore sprays.

I personally got huge help from using this mouthpiece. This is a MAD type mouthpiece which can be custom fitted according to your jaw. All you need to do is insert the mouthpiece inside your mouth before sleeping.

And Wholah! Your snoring will stop right away! There is no need for any expensive sprays, drugs or body-crushing physical exercise or diet. Just use this handy mouthpiece!


Snore sprays are designed in such a way that helps to reduce any kind of temporary blockage or congestion that results in snoring. Using a snore spray may work as an instant relief from snoring. Moreover, nasal sprays are one of the most common remedies to avoid any kind of nasal congestion. Therefore if you are wondering do snoring sprays work? The answer is definitely yes!

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