Does Sleeping in an Elevated Position Help Snoring?

Will a humidifier help me stop snoring?

Does Sleeping Elevated Help Snoring

If you are a snorer and research the internet about snoring, then you have probably found a commercial ranking of products to avoid snoring. These are mainly the anti-snoring pillow, adjustable beds and so on.  The main function of such products is that they will rectify your sleeping position by providing elevation. So, if the question comes to your mind does sleeping elevated help snoring then the answer is yes!

Sleeping elevated is one of the most common remedies to help sleep apnea or snoring. Elevating your sleep position may gradually reduce or stop snoring and help you breathe better. As you may already know, sleeping in a supine or horizontal position creates a gravity issue by pulling your tongue and other components downward and is one of the reasons that elevated sleeping helps with snoring.

Therefore sleeping elevated is the way to help you out of snoring. Apart from this, sleeping elevated has many other benefits as well such as it will help if you are suffering from acid flux, heart disease, congestion problem breathing problem etc. Moreover sleeping elevated for a particular time will help make you feel more fresh and energetic.

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Why does sleeping elevated help snoring?

By sleeping elevated we mean the elevation of your head. Elevating your head means reducing the role gravity plays. With such a position of your head, it will make it easier for the upper airway to open up. The passage of air flowing through the nostrils and throat will also become much easier. This will help you to reduce or stop snoring. Research indicates that sleeping elevated helps us to reduce or stop snoring.

How can you sleep elevated?

Mainly there are two ways to elevate your sleeping position.

The first one is to choose certain products that are specially made to elevate your head while sleeping such as an adjustable bed, a wedge pillow, or an accessory within your pillow like this.

Adjustable beds are more like a hospital bed allowing you different degrees of inclination. On the other hand, a wedge pillow will allow you to keep your head or feet elevated and help with snoring.

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The adjustable beds can be a more complex buy but a wedge pillow or this pillow accessory can be quick fixes to elevate your head while sleeping.  Another option could be to use foam to lift your pillows. 

How much should I elevate?

If you are not used to inclined sleeping then you should start step by step. At first, you can start by inclining up to 10 degrees. 10 to 30 degrees is a normal range. Recently doctors suggest up to 40 degrees of inclination but not more than that. After experimenting a few times you should get your perfect inclined posture and get used to it.

There is no doubt that sleeping elevated helps snoring. An inclined sleeping position will help you sleep better, make you feel more relaxed and energetic.

  Shortcut to get rid of your Snoring based on Personal Experience:

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