How to Stop Someone From Snoring Immediately?

Will a humidifier help me stop snoring?

Snoring is a regular problem for some people and especially men suffer from it. Some women are extremely disgusted with their partner as they snore loudly. In this article, I’ll provide a detailed answer to the question “How to stop someone from snoring immediately?”.

Your snoring problem can be normal for your family members. But it can be annoying if you are going to sleep together on a tour or camping. So this question comes in the search engines. Even some parents ask this question to their children if they have any upcoming sleepover party.

Generally, long-term processes are more effective to stop snoring. But there is also some immediate process. Using snoring devices, changing sleep positions, or taking antihistamines can be immediately helpful for a snoring sufferer.

Keep reading this article as I am going to discuss the solutions in detail.

Here are some other solutions:

1. Try to be a side sleeper

Most of the people who snore are the back-sleeper. If you can sleep on your side then the chance of snoring gets decreased. In this way, you can immediately stop snoring. The best way is to make the habit of sleeping on your side.

This may be a quick solution but there are some problems. Those who have the habit of sleeping being backside, can’t easily maintain this. Besides, in your sleep, you may not have full control of your position.

2. Start sleeping with your mouth closed

An open mouth is a big reason for snoring. Most of the people who snore generally keep their mouths open. So when you go to sleep mentally prepare to keep your mouth closed. When the mouse is open then the airflow can’t happen easily. As a result of that people start snoring.

Open mouth sleeping is also a habit and hard to avoid overnight. So ask your partner to close your mouth while you are sleeping or you yourself can work to change the habit. Some anti-snoring devices are designed to help you keep your mouth closed while sleeping.

3. Taking an antihistamine

Taking an antihistamine prior to bed can be much for a regular snorer. It can be an immediate solution to your problem. People who have constricted nasal passages can take this solution. The allergy sufferers also get benefits from using this.

I personally advise you to go to a doctor before taking this medicine. You can consult your doctor about your problems and get a prescription for the right antihistamine.

4. Go through a surgery

This is an immediate and serious step to stop your snoring. When snoring becomes a vital problem in someone’s life, they decide to go through surgery. It can be a bit costly. Mainly there are two kinds of surgeries. The first one is the surgery on the back of the throat using a variety of surgical instruments. And the second one is the surgery on the roof of the mouth.

But I don’t advise anyone to go through surgery. First of all, there is always a risk in any surgery and secondly, it is expensive. There are also some negative feedbacks about surgeries. Some people complain that even after surgery they couldn’t stop their snoring.

5. Using anti-snoring products

This is the most effective way I can suggest you. Using an anti-snoring device is really helpful to keep your snoring away. Besides, it is not so much expensive. There are different kinds of anti-snoring devices in the market. You can buy them and they can be a good solution to stop snoring immediately.

Some of the most popular ones and a few of my past devices/methods are listed below:

So How do These Anti-Snoring Products Work?

You may have this question in mind about those products. These products are all designed differently. Some of them are designed in a way that creates a positive airflow. So you can breathe properly when you wear the device.

Some of them are designed in a way that holds your jaws in a slightly forward position in order to keep your airways open. So you won’t face snoring then. People also wonder if there is any side effect of those devices. Most of these devices are completely safe for everyone.

6. Nasal Dilator

If you are facing snoring then a nasal dilator can also be helpful for you to stop it immediately. You can also do a Nose Snoring Test.

With your mouth closed, breathe in through your other nostril. If the nostril tends to collapse, try propping it open with the clean end of a matchstick. If breathing is easier with the nostril propped open, nasal dilators may solve your snoring problem. Test both nostrils.

But if you feel the problem is more complex than this then you should consult an ENT specialist about your problem.

7. Set up a humidifier

It is an easy solution to stop snoring. We all know dry air is a reason for snoring. Dry air is responsible for making the nasal membranes as well as the throat dry. Consequently, the tissue of the throat gets irritated. This is another reason why many people suffer from snoring.

If your home has dry air then you can set up a humidifier to avoid this problem. Humidifier removes the dry air and you can sleep peacefully without snoring. These can be slightly more expensive than the other products but they could also be a very easy and helpful solution for you.

You can check out the reviews of the one I love here.

Long-term solutions

10 ways to stop snoring naturally infographic

When you are in a hurry you seek immediate solutions for snoring. But it is better to try out the proper and permanent solutions to remove your snoring. I think long-term solutions are a better option to stop your snoring. So I am also discussing some long-term solutions. It may be helpful for you as well:

1. Change your food habits

Your snoring largely depends on your food habit. If you consume high carbs in your food there is more possibility of snoring. So you should create a diet where there is low carb. Increase the amount of protein and vegetables in your food.

• Avoid food that contains a lot of sugar. Candy, soft-drinks etc. should get removed from the list.

• It’s not possible to avoid refined grains completely. But you have to decreases the amount of them. Instead of that, you can increase meat, eggs, chicken, etc in your food chart.

Other habits which are directly responsible for snoring are smoking and drinking. Smoking is a bad habit and it is definitely a reason for snoring. One should quit smoking. It is not so easy to quit smoking for those who smokes regularly. They should at least decrease smoking to avoid snoring.

Another probable reason is drinking alcohol. When we drink muscle relaxation happens. As a result the possibility of snoring increases. And drinking before sleeping is frequently responsible for snoring. So you have to stop drinking, especially before sleeping.

2. Be active

Laziness is a reason for snoring. Lazy people are more likely to snore than active people. So you need to be active. You have to work hard to keep away from snoring. I suggest you join a gym and that will be helpful. You can also go out for a walk regularly. Joining outside co-curricular activities can also be helpful.

3. Losing weight

We know people who are overweight have a higher percentage of fat tissues in their bodies. Tissues around the throat sometimes restrict the airflow.

So it is essential to become lose weight and become healthy. You need to some form of physical exercise regularly. You can maintain a diet to keep your weight in control. Try to decrease your weight and that will be helpful for both your body and snoring.

4. Anti-snoring throat exercises

There are some throat exercises that are really helpful for your snoring problem. Practicing them regularly for just 2 weeks can bring about a solution to your snoring problem.

Some of these are:

• First, close your mouth. Then purse your lips and hold them for 30 seconds. Repeat 20 times, thrice a day.

• It sounds silly but repeating the vowels (a,i,e,o,u) for 3 minutes loudly every day will open up your throat. Repeat it 2/3 times a day.

• The easiest exercise is to sing daily. It increases muscle control in the throat and the soft palate. That helps to stop snoring.

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