Why Have I Started Snoring Lately

If you have started snoring lately and searching the reasons then you have come to the right place. Much or less, most of the people snore and some people do not snore at all. It is a pathetic feeling for them who didn’t snore but started recently. If you are questioning everyone “why have I started snoring lately?” then here this post is going to answer you.

Before getting to the solution, knowing the reasons are also essential. In this post, I will show you the causes of your recent snoring.


It is a very bad way to wake up feeling the hand of your partner grasping on your nose or throat. Maybe reasons like that make you crazier to find the actual reason of snoring.

There can be so many reasons for your recent snoring. It can be your sleep position, changes in lifestyle, too much drinking or smoking and many others. I am going to show you the most probable causes of your recent snoring below:

1. Sleep position

Have you recently changed your sleeping position? It can be a reason for your recent snoring. Back sleepers are more likely to snore than the straight or side sleepers. Try to understand if you have become a back sleeper or ask your roommate to notice the fact.

If the answer is positive the try to change the sleeping positions. As you are not in a habit, you won’t face too much problem to recover from this issue.

2. Inadequate sleep

Another big reason for snoring is inadequate sleeping. Some people sleep a lot. But when they get pressure and can’t sleep enough, most of them starts snoring. If you have started any extra work and pressures are getting increased, then it might cause you to snore. At least you have to sleep 6 to 8 hours a day. If you are losing your sleep then it can be a result of your snoring.

3. Lazy lifestyle

Lazy lifestyle can also be a reason for snoring. Were you in a job and recently left that? Leading your life staying at home playing video games and watching TV? If this is true then it can be the reason for your pathetic problem.

To recover from your problem, you have to be actively involved in some activities. Go out and walk. It is the easiest to resolve this issue.

4. Starting new medication

It is also a serious reason for your recent snoring. If you are going through a new medication, you have to detect if it is responsible for your snoring or not.

Medication can mishmash with your body, hormones, and other factors. As a result, people start snoring sometimes. So you have to consult your doctor and find an alternative way to get rid of your problem.

5. Fatty tissues

Fatty tissues can also be the reason for your recent snoring. And indirectly you are responsible for this. Are you thinking what have you done recently?

Actually, overweight is the main reason for making the tissues fatter. Fatty tissues around the airways interrupt the airflow. For that reason, people start snoring. So the main reason is overweight. If you are getting fatter day by day then you have to bring changes in your food habit.

6. Dry air

Winter is the season when people snore more. In winter the air is generally dry and sometimes it contains dust. Dry air makes your nasal membranes and throat dry. As a result of that people starts snoring.

You have to check-out if your bedroom is getting full of dry air or not. If it is, then you have to take initiatives to remove dry air.

7. Smoking

Undoubtedly smoking is one of the main reasons for snoring. If you have started smoking recently or developed this habit, then it should be removed immediately. Congestion of lung is a reason for snoring. Smoking leads many health issues other than snoring. This physical changes for smoking are obviously responsible for snoring.

It is hard to give up smoking. But it is harder to tolerate the angry face of your partner. So try to give up or at least do smoke in a limit.

8. Alcohol

Alcohol is also another reason for your recent vital problem. Drinking alcohol causes muscle relaxation. As a result of muscle relaxation, your throat tissues and tongue can’t pass air properly. As a result of hampered airflow, you may start snoring.

Drinking before sleeping causes more snoring. Keep away from drinking before sleeping.

9. Allergens

If you are suffering from allergens then there is a chance to suffer from snoring. It is because of the allergic reaction that makes nasal cavity inflamed. As a result, your throat gets narrowed. You have to stay away from dust and pollutions if you are in this situation.

10. Losing weak tissues of the throat

It is a natural problem of some people who have weak tissues on their throat. If anyhow the tissues get weaker, then they lose those tissues. As a result, people start snoring. If you have any problem like that you have to be sincere about that.

11. Accident

Have you faced any accident recently? If people get hurt on their jaw then it can become misaligned. This is another reason for snoring. If you are snoring recently, find out if you had an accident recently. If the problem is because of this reason, consult a doctor.

These are the potential causes of your recent snoring.

Initiatives you should take at this moments:

Certainly, you don’t want to keep suffering from snoring. You have known the causes of snoring and by this time you have already found out the actual reason for your problem.

I am also suggesting some initiatives you should take to stop this:

The first thing I would like to recommend you is using a mouthpiece. Using mouthpiece is a great way to stop snoring as it doesn’t cost much and doesn’t require a ton of sacrifice from your part. When I started snoring, I looked on the internet for hours for possible solutions.

Suddenly I found this mouthpiece. The price was very cheap, so I thought what the hell! Let’s try it out.
As soon as I started using it, my snoring problem got over within a few days. Also, this mouthpiece comes with a drop (made of natural oil) which keeps the airways moist. So, it is very effective against snoring.

If you are ready to spend a few bucks, then I’ll definitely recommend you to give this mouthpiece a shot.

Here are some other ways to help you recover from this issue:

• Physical exercise is a good solution to snoring. If you are suffering from snoring because of lazy lifestyle then it will be effective. Besides, your weight can be decreased by doing physical exercise on a regular basis. So the chance of increasing fatty tissues also gets decreased. I’ll suggest you join a gym. There you can take regular exercise. Your body will remain fit as well.

• If you think dry air is the problem of snoring then you can use a humidifier. It is really helpful to remove dry air from your house.

• As drinking and smoking are two main causes of snoring, you should give up smoking and drinking. If you have started recently then it won’t be so much difficult for you. But if it is your habit then try to stop it as much as you can.

• If you are suffering from allergic problem then you should consult a doctor. Avoid dust and food which are the reasons for allergens.

• Proper sleep is also essential for you. You have to maintain your sleeping positions. I have already described that positions and inadequate sleep are responsible for snoring. So be sincere about this fact.


in this article, I have described the probable reasons for your recent snoring. If you are thinking so much then stop worrying. It is very natural and lots of people face this annoying problem.

I have also described the solutions to your problem. As you are not a regular snorer, you won’t suffer much to get rid of this problem. I hope by now you have a clear idea on “Why have I started snoring lately?”.

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