Snoring through your nose? Here’s How To Stop It

Will a humidifier help me stop snoring?

snoring through nose how to stop it

Some people snore through the nose whereas some through the mouth. But snoring through the nose is the most common form of snoring. Snoring through the nose occurs if there is any obstruction in the upper airway. It could be any kind of problem-related to your tissues, muscles, or any kind of partial blockage regarding your nose area.

Moreover, it may also happen because of your sleeping position. Finding out the actual reason behind your snoring problem may sometimes give you an instant or short-term result. There is not any kind of specific remedy allotted to nose snoring.

The remedies of snoring through the nose are similar to the remedies of snoring through the mouth. You should also know that if you are an occasional snorer and somehow you have caught a cold that has blocked your nose you may also snore.

If you snore through the nose and want a way to get rid out of it then you are at the right place.

The following tips will help you to get rid of snoring through the nose:

How To Stop Snoring Through The Nose:

First of all, you should note that remedies that help your mouth to ease snoring may not work for your nose. Here’s something you can do instead:

1. Clearing your nose blockage (not a severe medical condition):

This means to clear any kind of blockage in the nose. But the following conditions cannot be applied for an incorrect anatomic structure. In this case, you need to see a doctor. There are both natural and artificial (using the equipment) ways to apply for clearing nose blockage.

Before going to bed:

Steam Inhalation:

Steam inhalation is one of the most natural remedies to treat a cold or sinus infection. It is also called steam therapy and involves the inhalation of water vapor. It loosens the mucus in the nasal passage, throat, and lungs helping you to breathe through your nose. Steam therapy can be done using a home-made steamer which involves a bowl of boiled water and taking the steam through that or you can purchase a humidifier that functions similarly and helps clear the blockage.

Using a Nasal Spray Or Nasal Drop:

Nasal sprays or nasal drops are specially designed with a particular dosage to clear any kind of blockage in the nose. By clearing the airway passage it will allow you to breathe more easily. Find these here.

At the time of sleeping:

Nasal Strips:

There are specific kinds of strips found in the market that helps to ease snoring. Such strips are placed on the bridge of your nose and help to enhance the space of the inner side of the nose. This helps to create a broader way for healthy breathing. Thus you can avoid snoring through the use of nasal strips. Find these here.

2. Try out VS Stabiliser which really helps for both mouth and nose snorers

This jaw stabiliser works like magic as it adjusts the jaw position naturally while you sleep and doesn’t feel as intrusive as some of the hard acrylic mouthpieces can do more harm than good.

3. Correction Of The Structural Problem of the Nose

If there is any kind of structural problem with your nose then it’s time to visit a doctor. A bad anatomic condition or a genetic disorder may result in severe snoring and cannot be treated without a doctor’s proper supervision.

4. Changing sleeping position and switching to elevated sleeping:

Your sleeping position has a great impact on your health. Most of the health issues are dependent on the sleeping position. Switching to a better sleeping position may reduce snoring significantly.

Sleeping on either of your sides may help in this case. Moreover, an elevated position in your regular sleeping position can also help to reduce or restrict snoring. Here is another article of mine, where I have explained how sleeping elevated helps snoring.

Such a position, in fact, decreases snoring. You can follow the following process for switching to an elevated position:

Besides the above-stated ways, you also need to keep an eye on the following no matter how you snore:

  • Lose weight if you are overweight
  • Don’t have alcohol before going to bed
  • Make sure you are properly treating your chronic allergies
  • Do not take any form of sedation before bed
  • Avoid drugs and smoking
  • Get proper sleep
  • Take the medication prescribed by the doctor
  • Always take proper care of your nasal passage


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