Does Dry Air Cause Snoring?

Will a humidifier help me stop snoring?

Does Dry Air Cause Snoring

Have you wondered about does dry air cause snoring? If so, then this article will be helpful to you. Here I’ll explain in details whether does dry air causes snoring or not.

To answer the question, Yes, dry air is one of the biggest reasons for snoring. Dry air doesn’t mean dust air. Mainly during the winter, the house gets filled with hot and dry air. So you experience worse snoring because of the dry air.

Why is Dry Air Responsible for Snoring?

Dry air causes so many physical changes and that causes snoring. I will describe those facts below:

Makes throat and nasal membrane dry:

Because of dry air, the tissues of throat become irritated. This constricts the airflow inside your nose and it becomes so narrow. So the air hardly moves through your nose and throat. For that people snore. Dried nasal membranes also cause snoring.

Dry air carries allergens and dust:

Most of the time dry air carries allergens and dust. Humidifier adds moisturizer to the air so that the allergens can’t enter through you. With dry air that enters inside you and causes snoring.

Dry air increases mucous:

Sometimes dry air affects your body and the body produces more mucus. We know it leads to nasal congesting and as a result, you suffer from snoring.

Dry air restricts airflow:

Dry air makes the nose, throat even the mouth dry. So the airflow can’t happen freely. As a result of it, the tissues of your throat starts vibrating and you start snoring.

Dry Air Even Causes Worse Snoring

Snoring is a common issue and almost everyone snores now and then. But it can be a matter of low esteem when people snore more than usual. This worse snoring can happen if your bedroom is full of dry air. When the air is dry then it starts hampering your breathing.

Perfect breathing is the first condition to get rid of snoring. As dry air affects it directly, your snoring gets worse. As a result, your partner or roommate get disturbed by you.

How Can You Get Rid of Snoring Because of Dry Air?

There are many ways to get rid of snoring that is caused by dry air. However, my favorite one is to use a mouthpiece. With a mouthpiece, you can easily stop snoring without having to sacrifice anything. Using it is simple and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Though there are hundreds of mouthpieces in the market, most of them are junk. However, recently I found this mouthpiece and tried it out. To my amazement, my snoring stopped right away! You’ll also get a drop (made of natural oil) with this mouthpiece. The drop helps to moisturize and clear the airways which stop snoring. So, my first recommendation will be to use give this mouthpiece a shot.

Here are some other ways:

1. Eliminate dry air

The main way to get rid of snoring is to eliminate dry air from your house. There are so many ways to eliminate dry air. Here I am giving some suggestions:

The best way to remove dry air is to install a humidifier in your house. It will add moisture to dry air. So your mouth, nose, and skill will be lubricated. So the chance of snoring will be decreased.

Another way to remove dry air is by sealing the unnecessary leaks of your house. If there is any leak in your door or window then you can seal them. It’s a very good way to keep your house out of dry air. It also decreases the heating bill.

If you are using a radiator then you can dry cloth on the radiator. It is a very efficient way to remove dry air. It increases the humidity of your house.

Here I am giving you two easiest tips: Keep the door of your bathroom open. Also, keep the bathtub filled. Yes, it will remove dry air from your house. I know it is funny but it really works.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

By drinking more water you can keep your mouth and body moist. Even if the dry air tries to hamper you, it will be prevented. Besides your throat and mouth won’t get dried too early and you may not suffer from a bad snoring.

3. Use moisturiser

Using oil-based moisturiser is a great way to get rid of snoring by dry air. Use it several times a day. Rub them on your skin frequently and especially after taking shower. It will be helpful for you.

4. Stop taking a long shower

In a winter morning, it is a matter of joy to take a long shower with hot water. But it will dry up the skin and dry air can be more harmful then. So keep the temperature in normal mode and don’t take shower over 15 minutes.

What are the other reasons for snoring?

Dry air is a big reason for snoring but there are some other major reasons for snoring. It will not be too much help if you only know whether dry air causes snoring or not. You need to have a basic idea on some other reasons for which one suffers from a bad snoring.

Here I will show you some other reasons for snoring:


Snoring can be a result of excess weight. People having more weight have fatter tissues. These narrow the airflows and as a result of obstructed airflow people face snoring.

So I am advising you to lose your weight. Being obese is a common cause of snoring.

Oropharyngeal exercise:

It is a kind of throat excise which strengthens weak, languid and flabby throat muscles. So collapsing during sleep can be prevented by this exercise. It will help you to stop snoring.

Here are some ways to follow that exercise:

Stick your tongue out from your mouth and keep it moving one side to another side without curling. Move your jaw up and down for some time. Say the vowel 25-30 times every day. Sing “la la la” then “fa fa fa” and then “ma ma ma”.


Smoking is very harmful to people who snore much. Tobacco is responsible for causing tissue inflammation. Very small amount of inflammation can restrict the airflows where smoking causes too much. So you may face the worst snoring because of smoking.

There are also some other reasons such as sleeping position, environment, oral appliances etc. which causes snoring. One should get proper knowledge about them to prevent snoring.

Final thoughts

So, by now I hope you have a clear idea on does dry air cause snoring or not. Dry air makes the nose, mouth, throat and nasal membranes dry and later it causes snoring.

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